Attorney General Merrick Garland Vacates Matter of A-B, and Matter of L-E-A

On June 16 2021, Attorney General Merrick Garland vacated Matter of A-B (“A-B- I;” “A-B- II”), and Matter of L-E-A(“L-E-A- II”). According to a Department of Justice memorandum, the intent of these revocations is to ensure that “asylum claims-including those based on domestic violence, gang violence, or family relationships-are considered fairly, expeditiously, and in accordance with our Nation’s laws.” Matter of A-B limited asylum claims involving gang violence. Matter of L-E-A redefined the circumstances of when a family could be considered a “particular social group” for asylum. This decision was made under the backdrop of pressure by immigration attorneys for review of Trump-era policies and President Joe Biden’s executive order to “develop policies…for the safe and orderly processing of asylum claims.”